About to The Bookshop

Who is The Book ShopBooks?

The Book ShopBooks.com was started as an on-line bookseller for consumers in the INDIA. Currently The Book ShopBooks.com, the INDIA website, operates in the consumer trade and the mass-market book trade. The Book ShopBooks.com has positioned itself as a leader in book assortment, inventory depth, fulfillment, distribution and value pricing.
It boasts over 1 million titles from leading publishers and distributors. Every title in the The Book ShopBooks.com assortment is priced utilizing The Book ShopBooks' dynamic and proprietary pricing engine, which enables The Book ShopBooks.com to aggressively discount prices while maintaining competitive gross margins.

The Book ShopBooks.com boasts a 98% fulfillment rate and ships within 24 to 72 hours of receiving an order. The Book ShopBooks.co.in is set to be the largest online book marketplace for Indian publishers.

Making Knowledge Affordable

Bridging the gap between the buyer and the seller and making knowledge more affordable and accessible is the purpose of The Book ShopBooks Marketplace. We are here to help you get the largest selection of books, at the best prices, in the easiest way possible, to your doorstep. We bring you books in all Indian languages and from Indian as well as foreign publishers. We have more sellers for the same book, which gives you the most competitive prices without the hassle of having to go to a bookstore. And finally, The Book Shop has made accessibility very high by removing physical limitations so that buyers can access this database from anywhere at their own convenience. Often the hassle to go to a bookstore restricts us from buying books. The Book Shop is here to solve this problem and create a revolution in the domain of Indian Internet users.

Why buy at The Book Shop?

The Book ShopBooks.co.in offers its customers low prices, convenience and a wide selection of foreign books as well as books in all Indian languages. Customers can buy almost any book on The Book Shop.

Next, we focus on continuous innovation to provide further convenience to our customers. The Book ShopBooks employs a combination of its own proprietary technologies and commercially available licensed technologies. We use a set of applications foraccepting and validating customer orders, placing and tracking orders with suppliers, and ensuring proper shipment of products to customers. The transaction processing system handles millions of items, a number of different status inquiries and multiple shipment methods. These systems and applications manage the process of accepting, authorizing and charging customers credit cards. All this helps us to provide the best available technology and service and to guarantee customers a smooth and highly secure experience of buying with us.